I grew up in Lisbon, the capital city of a beautiful country called Portugal. I met my first real love at the age of 8 - music. I picked up guitar and learned with my father. I'm half English and half Portuguese. I love everything to do with making stuff out of other things, being creative. I think we need more communication in life and I think music is one of the best ways to achieve that. I am very dedicated to the things I do and the people I love. I am a prolific songwriter and I think I have the best job in the world. I started putting out my music on YouTube while I was in college. I have a degree in Economics and am a certified scuba diver. I love traveling and the thrill of meeting new people and fans. The first time someone ever recognized me in the street I thought I might have been wearing my clothes inside out. I speak 5 languages. I love dogs and cats. I think it’s important to get involved with charities and give back to both humanity and animals in need. I’m afraid of airplane turbulence and one of my pet peeves is when people step on my heels if they're walking behind me. I have an irrational fear of fireworks and thunder.

I'm lucky to be living my dreams. I wear my heart on my sleeve and that's why I write so many songs. A song can say so much more than an action because a song is an action in itself. Most days, I'm in total awe of how many people have stood by me and supported my passion for music for so long. I believe. I’m good at being optimistic. My fans - that I collectively call the Freeworld - are my safe haven (especially on my down days) and when I receive messages from strangers across the world letting me know how my music has touched, changed or helped them, I am beautifully reminded of why I do this. Dreams are my motivation. Music is my favorite language.


Ana Free has been a performer, artist and songwriter since the age of 11, and has written over 600 original songs to date. Ana Free grew up expressing her thoughts in songs. She says that if you read her songbooks, you’ll know her life story. At the age of 8, she learnt to play the guitar, her signature instrument, and began sticking ideas and melodies together.

Fast-forward 13 years to 2008. Fresh out of university in the UK, the British-Portuguese pop artist had already garnered a large share of the new exploding media audience. With over 35 million unique video views, combined with her armada of YouTube subscribers, Ana independently released her debut single “In My Place” in Portugal. She was featured in a large advertising campaign which helped push her music into the number 1 spot on the national charts.

She continued to pursue her passion through 2009, touring over 30 shows, writing and recording for her fans and traveling around the globe. She embarked on a series of different projects, including recording the Portuguese Tinkerbell theme tune for Disney, releasing a pop EP project “Radian” which she debuted in North America to sold out shows in Miami and New York City.

Ana Free has worked alongside many brands including Volkwagen, who asked Ana to be the music face of the new Beetle Cabriolet ASAP Campaign 2013, filmed in Hawaii.

Currently based in Los Angeles, Ana Free is playing shows across the US, working alongside various television series for music as well as working on her next EP project.

Aside from swiftly continuing to build an impressive brand, Ana Free has opened stages from festivals to sold-out arenas for artists including Shakira, Colbie Caillat, James Morrison, Snoop Lion, Linkin Park, Joe Brooks and played a 15000 people crowd at the American Airlines arena in Miami.

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